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We are a team of divers with hundreds of hours of diving among us. So much so that we sometimes feel more at home underwater than at shore.

We love scuba diving and we want to make it easier for everyone to experience scuba diving. We want to help more people discover the underwater world and not miss another opportunity to dive.

Why join

Whether you are new at scuba diving or a seasoned diver, is here to facilitate your diving experience.

Find last minute diving offers, officially certified diving centers evaluated by your peers, discover new locations to dive, and many other perks.

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    If you are an experienced diver

    Upload your certificates and create an online diving log proving to diving centers, your fellow divers and to the world the amazing locations you have visited. By building your log on, soon you will not have to carry with you your diving log every time you go for a dive.

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    If you are new to the world of scuba diving

    Discover scuba diving - just find the diving center closer to you and book your introductory course in just a few seconds.

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    If you own a diving centre

    Find more clients without any fuss. Book more dives in advance so that you know how many divers will be on each trip. If you have empty seats on a diving trip, you could offer reduced prices at last minute bookings.

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