Erebus Wreck

Explore the Famous Erebos Wreck

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Explore the Famous Erebos Wreck

The Erebos was one of the most infamous pirate ships in the Med back in the day.

It sailed across the Med terrorizing every island and every city by the sea, until it was sunk at the battle of Terror.

The pirate gold and jewels where never found. Some say that it is still in the ship protected by the once informittable pirates.


Dates 17/09/2020-30/11/2020
Days Tuesday
Timetable 11:00 - Duration: 90 Minutes


  • Beginner Diving Certificate
    Satisfied by: PADI Open Water Diver, CMAS One Star Diver, SSI Scuba Rangers, SSI Open Water Diver


Standard price € 60.00 / dive


  • Environment:

    Boat dive

  • Sea Bed:


  • Aquatic Life:

    Normal (local aquatic life)

  • Breathing Mixture:

    Compressed air

  • Depth:

    14.0 metres

  • Duration:

    90 minutes

  • Minimum Age:

    17.0 years


Offered by:

wreck dive

wreck dive

Kesariani, GREECE
  • ΛΥΔΙΑΣ 6, Kesariani, 16121 Attica, Greece
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